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T-Rex Tea Infuser

Tea time can be fun with this T-Rex infuser! Just put your favourite tea in the T-Rex and enjoy your tea! The size of T-Rex is perfect for any coffee mug or teacup, so don’t worry.

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Lipstick Cigarette Lighter

The best think is nobody knows you’re a smoker! It’s fashionable and will match with your outfit. Best gift for girls!

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Poop Mug

Funny mug so people can see in what kind of mood you are. Its made of white ceramic and its perfect for having it at home or in an office!

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Home Decor

3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold

This big ice cube lasts longer to melt so it keeps your drink cool without diluting its flavor. It is the perfect size for all glass sizes.

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Home Decor

Pantone cup

Big cup for your morning tea or coffee in many colors will brighten your day. It has a great grip and spill-proof lid that you can screw on!

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The best idea for coffee lovers! This mug is horn-shaped and holds 350 ml of your favourite coffee.

BUY ($36.50)


Bloody Shower Mat

Scare your friends with this Bloody Shower mat! Put it on the floor of your bathroom and laugh later!

BUY ($9.95)


Unicorn wine holder

Put some fun into your home. This unicorn is perfect for breaking the ice when some guests come by.

BUY ($24.95)

Home Decor

LED Booklight Lamp

This book/light is made out of enviromental wooden material. Its a great decoration for your room and it looks like a book, but its actually a lamp.

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For Kids

Gigantic donut pool float

All eyes on you! With this floaty donut everybody will notice you! Its also very comfortable for sitting on outside the pool or sea.

BUY ($19.99)



If you have problems with you glasses slipping of your nose all the time this is the sollution! Its made of 100% natural organic ingredients and it’s also good for your skin!

BUY ($13.49)


Nessie Soup Spoon

Cute creative cartoon in one spoon. It is made from 100% nylon and is food safe. Nessie has little feet to keep spoon upright in pots. Its a great gift for anyone.

BUY ($6.43)

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